Wednesday, April 20, 2011


"Roar" a wee little Monster , that is hand crocheted and brushed for a nice fuzzy monster effect.

Roar stands 5 inches tall, but for a tiny Monster he makes a lot of noise!! Thus his mum and da named him "Roar" 

More Monsters coming soon....there hard to catch!!  he he


Its been quite awhile since I added to my Free pattern collection, and decided with Easter coming up , to make a little Basket gift pattern for everyone, these work up quick and make nice little gifts for everyone on your list.  Pattern is for the Bunny only. You may access this pattern on my home page.


Sunday, April 17, 2011

Egg Cup

New Egg Cup Crochet pattern, I was so tired of placing my family's  pretty (and some not so pretty, he he) Colored Eggs at Easter time, back in an ugly cardboard egg carton, I decided to make an Egg cup to hold and display my grand kids colored eggs. (Yes, it is sturdy enough to place hard boiled eggs in  the cup)  We all meet right before the Holiday and have a color fest.

These work up quick, so there is plenty of time to make some for Easter or how about a complete set of four for that Sunday Brunch table setting,  You could also decorate the cup with cute ami faces .

Pattern available in our crochet Pattern section, you will receive it with in 24 hours of purchase or sooner... by email.

Happy Easter!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Rosie a Fairy

 Rosie and her BFF Bluebell.
 Bluebell is Rosie's best friend!
 Bluebells's Fairy Wings
 Fairy Wings
 Top of Rosie's hat is covered in little Pink Wild Roses
 Side view of Rosie

Rosie a Fairy - Pattern availability in the crochet section

Dainty and sweet!