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Terms of Use our patterns.
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1. You are granted permission by us to use the knitting instructions for your personal use, charity and knitting pleasure.
2. You agree to use the file and any print-outs of its contents for personal use only.
3. Re-selling or sharing of the file or its contents, either in whole or part, is not permitted.
4. Feel free to sell your toys made from our patterns. However you may not sell the on the Etsy site. We have a store there and  feel it would be a conflict of interest.

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Party Mice 

Shrek Baby 

Lop Ear Bunny

Pig Squealina

Whale Shark

 Short Tabi and Regular Sock Pattern

Trumpeting Nellie

Meowww Kitty

Roarrr Lion

Baaa Sheep

Little Tots Baby Boy

 Little Tots Baby Girl

 Bunnies in Decor
Pattern includes all three versions.

Blue Jay Christmas Ornament
 Red Cardinal Christmas Ornament
 Chickadee Christmas Ornament

Gold Finch Christmas Ornamnet

 Season Fairy' s

 Bon Bun's


Scrappy the Clown


Sunny the Mermaid

 Orangutan - Ape knitting fun! 

 Little Spookies

Large Croaker -works up to be about 11-12 inches tall

Small Croaker - works up to be about 6-7 inches tall

NEW Waldorf Dolly

Carrot Bunny

Tulip Bunny

Corn Bunny

Itsy Knit Gnomes

Spring Tweets

Candy Corn

Bella Bat

Christmas Trio Set One

Christmas Trio Set Two

Old English Bulldog

Fuzzy Panda

Kitty Cat


Willie Snowman

Millie Moose