Thursday, August 9, 2012

Peter, Peter Pumpkin Eater Doll

Pumpkin Cutie, inspired by Susan Claudino, Froot loop's pattern.

Added stems, and tendrils to him, I also changed my arms and feet to be more rounded , like a pumpkin!
Duplicate stitched the triangles on for his eyes, and a french knot for highlights.

Thursday, August 2, 2012


 NEW Dobby  Crochet

I have written my own pattern for the little Dobby creature from the famous Harry Potter series.

The first two photos are crocheted with Red Heart Super Saver yarn, and a size F crochet hook, the pillow case Dobby wears is hand knit as well as his sock!  He is approximately 13 inches standing.

The third and fourth photos down are crocheted with DK yarn and a size D crochet hook, he also has a hand knitted pillow case and sock. He is approximately 9-1/2 inches standing.

 Fun to see what different size hooks and yarn will accomplish making the same pattern.

This is an exclusive pattern and will not be for sale, however I will occasionally  make these dolls  and post them for sale,

Both dolls are currently available for purchase if you would like to buy one. Just send me a message.

Please note : I am not taking orders , once these sell, it may be a few months before I make more.  I just have to many projects currently going on, to donate my time just to dobby....even though he is a blast to make! ;o)


 Hand crocheted Scottie Dog.....having fun with scraps of yarn.

Baseball Teddy

Base Ball Teddy is made from my Touch down Ted Pattern, few adjustments in colors, added some teddy bear ears, and some crochet artifacts..

Pretty in Pink

 Pretty Ballerina in Pink, hand knit in shades of pink and black. She is about 12 inches tall, long dangly legs, fun to pose.