Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Japanese Lucky Cat

 Japanese Lucky Cat, believed by this culture to bring, wellness, blessings and luck to those who own one of these cute little cats.

This Lucky Cat is hand knitted.

Amineko Cat Knit

 See what a cute couple we are!!  The Grey kitty is my personal knit version of Amineko Cat, while the Pink Cat is the original Crochet version by Nekoyama  link below.....
 Knitted Amineko Cat, these cats are so cute and pose into cute effects.

FREE pattern online, Amineko Cat Crochet

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Knitted Catfish

I made this Catfish for my sons birthday this November, his nickname is "Catfish hunter" and he love's to fish for them. 

It is a slightly modified version of "Mochi Plus Trout Fishy by  Cathy Campbell. The pattern works up nicely, and I have also made the trout fish for my husband, yes all my men folk love to fish.

Here is a link to the pattern, copy and paste in your browser:

Monday, July 18, 2011

The NEW Dinosaur's

Well after a week of continuous crochet, I have the NEW set of Dinosaurs  finished!  Note each dino's eyes have been hand painted to match the insides of their mouths. Worked in bright colors to appeal to children, young and old alike .....who love Dinosaurs! Dino's are small  8 inches tall, with the Plesiosarus being the longest at about 11 inches.  Our pattern is at the publisher's and should be ready for release at our Etsy shop soon. Grrrrreat fun!!