Monday, January 30, 2012

New York Giants SuperBowl 2012

Every Superbowl, season I make a doll to commiserate the up coming Superbowl season. This year I have picked the New York Giants!    Superbowl Sunday Feb 5th 2012.

 Piglet of Yore!

I love to knit little Animals, then dress them up in cute clothing.

Cherry Cheeky Monkey!

Dobby a House Elf

 Dobby the House Elf, Pattern for Dobby is by Lucyravenscar.

Purchase pattern here:

Crocheted with Red heart supersaver yarn, and an F- USA crochet hook, doll is 17 inches tall.
Dobby's pillowcase and sock are hand knitted by me.

Dobby Loves Harry Potter! 

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Valentine Monster

 Valentine Monsters I have knitted up as family gifts. From top down, is Hugs, (pattern by Mochimochi) Little Devil (created by me) last but not least a little darling holding a heart by DangerCraft, holiday hooligans. 

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Dr. Who

  This is my Dr. Who BBC TV collection I have made, I am a real fan of Torchwood and Dr.Who, if you have not seen the TV programs they are available on "Netflix" Why not pop some popcorn and take a peek?  Fun Sci Fi type programs.

Ood   (  pronouced Ewwd )


Clockworks Man



Dr. Who

Weeping Angel 



Zombie Glenda and Steven, they met and are forever sweethearts....They are the same color, however, Stevens photos was taken on a raining day (no sunshine) while Glenda's photo was done on a  Sunny Day, amazing what that will do to your photos!!
These little Zombies enjoy Brain Pizza, and was made for my son for Christmas.  They now are living in the state of Montana.

What did you make for Christmas gifts???  Of course this was a request..... but they were fun to make. 

Zombie Steve is now a PDF pattern available in our Etsy shop or
for instant download ,you may get a copy at our Ravelry Shop.