Saturday, October 9, 2010

Halloween Gifts 2010

 I call this little guy...CANDY CORN, he was so fun to make, he is an Alan Dart Pattern. I made him for my Husband whose favorite candy at Halloween (other than chocolate!) is Candy Corn.
 Whats Halloween without a nice black  RAVEN? He is a Pattern by
 Maria Ström-Bestor called Ferdinand Raven . I  knitted his wings and tail freestyle as the pattern did not have a tail in it, and the wings are in crochet in the  original pattern , and  I wanted the whole bird knitted.

"My little Gargoyle" Designed by PhoenyPhoenixknits, was a fun pattern to work up, I was very pleased with how this little guy turned out, legion tells us Gargoyles represent good, not evil, but have you seen some of them?!!! Yeesh , they look spooky to me!!       

 Knitted bears, All dressed up! by Val Pierce, is a fun pattern book, it has several
cute knitted bears that you can make for almost any occasion, they make all the bears in Garter  stitch, however I preferred mine done  in a Stockinette stitch .

Wonderful little Witch based on the Jean Greenhowe's technique for making little characters in knit!  Halloween is one of my very favorite Holidays, and I had a blast making all of these for my Grandkiddies!

Another Alan Dart Pattern, he is called Jack O'Lantern, I made him just for me, He is setting on top of the paino in my living room, I dont often take the time to make myself  things, but just could not resist this guy! Tim Burtonish..... dont you think!


Julies knitting corner said...

What a fun looking lot, they all look great. Julie.C

Chiwaluv said...

Julie, I love to hear what others think of my work. Thank you for your comments.

e_donaldson said...

Wow found your blog on Craft Gossip and your stuff is too too cute! I posted about you on my craft site here: and linked your blog :)

Chiwaluv said...

Thank you E_donaldson, it is always great to have such warm responses to my work! Thank you for posting us on your craft site!