Sunday, January 23, 2011


Hi followers, just thought I would share a photo  of my hand right after my thumb and wrist surgery! It was done on Jan. 12th and I go on the 26th to get a cast put on, I will wear the cast for two weeks, then change to a splint for two weeks, then 4-6 weeks physical therapy!
The pain is nothing to not being able to knit or crochet!!
So as you can tell it will be  awhile before any new items will be posted...sigh, but I will blog about my progress and post a few photos as I go along.

 Got my stitches removed today ( Jan 26th) and now I can type two handed! Yeah!!

The Dr, fixed my wrist joint, thumb joint, and carpel tunnel, their is actually a fourth incision on my palm.
 This incision was made to get a tendon to repair the wrist joint.

And Finally I got my beautiful purple cast , which I will wear for two weeks.


Hugbuggal said...

Oh, that looks painful! I hope you have s smooth and quick recovery!
Big Hugs,

Sarah Dickson said...

yikes that looks painfull! hope you recover soon and can get back to crocheting :D xx

Chiwaluv said...

It has certainly been a journey, thank you for your well wishes, all my internet buddies have been great and have brought me a lot of comfort. I can finally type with two hands, and have been knitting with my cast on. he he
You just cant keep us crafters down! (I did check with my Dr. before, and he said that's fine as long as I don't use the thumb.)
I fear crocheting is a few months away.