Tuesday, November 12, 2013

TTouch Mock Anxiety Wrap and Dachshund Anxiety Swaddling Sweater

Tellington Touch or TTouch is a form of massage, ground exercises and training methods that help animals relax and focus, connecting their physical actions with appropriate emotional responses. TTouch is used to release fear, tension, and improve self-confidence so that learning, activity, or socialization can proceed. The Body Wrap is a TTouch technique that uses moderate pressure to comfort the mind and body during periods of stress, travel, loud noises, hyperactivity, or injury.
Builds confidence in your little dogs world.
Please note, not all aids work for all dogs, but this method has a 80% success rate, for more information, you may search Ttouch wraps for dogs online , and decide for yourself if this is right for your dog.
Links included in file.
Most ttouch wrapping is done with an ace bandage, however I wanted something a little prettier for my Lucy, so I knitted up this mock version of a ace bandage.
Pattern is FREE and downloadable in our Ravelry Shop:

Not to long ago a sweet little Red Dapple Dachshund puppy, came to live at our home, having raised many pups from a very young age, I soon discovered the extreme Anxiety that this breed can exhibit. She (Lucy B.T.W.) Would absolutely freak out , if I left a room, more so than normal puppies. If I was out of sight the barking and whining would commence, and it took about 30 mins, to settle her
down when I would return to her. All the while whimpering, and whining …..
Story continues in the pdf file. We are having great success with this training aid.
Pattern is FREE and downloadable in our Ravelry Shop:

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