Monday, January 30, 2012

Dobby a House Elf

 Dobby the House Elf, Pattern for Dobby is by Lucyravenscar.

Purchase pattern here:

Crocheted with Red heart supersaver yarn, and an F- USA crochet hook, doll is 17 inches tall.
Dobby's pillowcase and sock are hand knitted by me.

Dobby Loves Harry Potter! 


Cat said...

Did you make this?!! if so, PLEASE tell me how to make one!!! it's just so freaking adorable<3 i just wanna hug it.

Chiwaluv said...

Thank you Cat, the doll is crocheted amigurumi style. Do you Crochet?

You may purchase her pattern here:

I hand knitted the tunic and sock...sorry no pattern for those.

Anonymous said...

Is there a way to knit this? It's adorable, but I don't crochet.

Chiwaluv said...

If you sign in to Ravelry, ( it is a free site to join, if your not already a member)

You will find a knit pattern for Dobby by Phoenixknits , called "Dobby the house elf "

Hope this helps, sorry we only have the crochet version available at this time.