Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Dr. Who

  This is my Dr. Who BBC TV collection I have made, I am a real fan of Torchwood and Dr.Who, if you have not seen the TV programs they are available on "Netflix" Why not pop some popcorn and take a peek?  Fun Sci Fi type programs.

Ood   (  pronouced Ewwd )


Clockworks Man



Dr. Who

Weeping Angel 


J_ said...

PLEAAAAAAAAAAAAASE Can you upload the pattern for sale!?!?!?! My sister is a mega fan and I want to make them for her birthday!

Chiwaluv said...

I now have my patterns available at my Ravelry store for instant purchase and download.

You may view them here:

J_ said...

WOW!!! Appreciate it SO much! My sis's birthday is in 2 weeks and I started the doll, but have not had the greatest luck! I'll definitely get them!!!!